Vinyl Mesh: A Great Material For Stage Backdrops And Band Scrims

Buying stage scrims and stage backdrops is in an important step for your band to make a deeper impact on stage. When you buy a new stage backdrop, it is essential to consider how you will be using the banners, whether indoors or outdoors, and what look your band is aiming for at your shows.

1. Rugged Materials: Vinyl mesh is a very rugged material, and you don’t want to have to worry about the occasional (or frequent) beer spill on your stage scrims by an excited fan. Dirt, drinks and even food can be brushed right off a vinyl mesh stage backdrop, or wiped off with a damp piece of towel paper.

2. Stage Backdrops In The Sun: In the sunlight, vinyl mesh holds up very well. You can play with your band scrims at shows and festivals outdoors without worry of the sun ruining the mesh material.

3. Acoustic Transparency: Since vinyl mesh is 70 percent material and 30 percent holes, these stage backdrops will allow for the sound to pass through. This means that you can place your stage scrims just about anywhere on stage, even smack in front of your players because these banners allow for sound to pass through.


4. Bright Colors: While vinyl mesh is far and away our most popular material with bands, we can also print on beautiful dye sublimated poly poplin, which is a fine fabric upon which colors look especially bright.

5. Merch Banners: For your merchandise table where you sell your bands’ T-Shirts and bracelets and other promotional items, we can print on crisp 13 ounce solid vinyl. Colors on this material look solid and bright.

6. Cost Effective Materials: Vinyl mesh is about half the price of poly poplin, and it looks fantastic on stage. It is our most popular material for bands overall. To learn more about materials for stage banners and to order your stage backdrop, contact us today.

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