Acoustic Transparency – What’s the Big Deal?

Acoustic transparency is a concept that is related to the loss of acoustic fidelity when sound waves pass through a material such as a stage banner. So what’s the big deal?

Many musicians place banners in front of their speakers without considering how the material affects the sound quality including high frequency loss.

70-30 Vinyl Mesh

70/30 Vinyl Mesh – Close Up Shot

We make acoustically transparent banners which minimize the loss of sound quality because they are printed on mesh which allows the sound to pass through. The most common mesh we print on is 70/30. This means it is 70 percent fabric and 30 percent open. Most bands find this works well since it offers premium sound quality, minimal blow-back and maintains the integrity of the art.

30-70 Vinyl Mesh

30/70 Vinyl Mesh – Close Up Shot

We also offer 50/50, 30/70 and 90/10 if your sound engineers prefer it.

Questions About Festival Banners? We Have the Answers!

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We are here to assist you in anyway we can!

90-10 Vinyl Mesh

90/10 Vinyl Mesh – Close Up Shot

We take great pride in providing you or your end client with an exceptional product.

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