5 Top Reasons Your Band Needs A Stage Backdrop

A stage backdrop is a key element in your band’s shows. After printing hundreds of band backdrops and band scrims over the years, we’ve learned why it’s so important that for bands to have stage banners. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider this small investment for your band.

1.Your logo starts to mean a lot more. Every time you get on stage to jam to your hit songs, your logo and your brand on the band backdrop starts to become ingrained in your audience’s eyes and minds. Never underestimate the power of a well-designed and well printed stage backdrop or band scrim: these stage banners will propel your image to insane heights on stage.

2. Distinguish your band from the rest. The greatest bands do one thing really, really well: they stand out in a crowd of thousands of bands in every city all over the US. There’s a lot of competition for bands in the US, and a solid stage backdrop with your logo or imagery in clear form will help your band establish its unique sound and style.

3. Music sounds better. Have you ever been to a show that has no stage backdrops or props? You get it: everything seems just a bit dull. Your music will actually sound different to your audience when they can SEE your brand on a stage backdrop and HEAR your music. Remember, the audience always comes to your shows to do both acts: seeing and hearing.

stage backdrop from northcoast banners

4. Stage presence is everything. Or at least half of your show. A solid stage scrim or band backdrop will greatly enhance your stage presence. You can’t just think about your moves and choreography – stage presence means taking the time to properly consider the stage setup and stage backdrops.

5. It is the cheapest way and quickest way to make a stage look awesome. We have seen bands set up huge, expensive screens behind their players on stage, but that’s a pricey option and it’s complicated to set up if your band tours often. But your band can purchase an inexpensive and beautiful stage backdrop, and it’s quick and easy to set up with our handy grommets and pole pockets that we include on our stage backdrops and band scrims.

We would love to help you find the right size band backdrop or scrim, contact us today for a quote!

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Why Bands Love Stage Backdrops

Bands love their stage backdrops, and they tell us Northcoast Banners all about it. Our goal is help you brand your group with a band backdrop or stage scrim that make you look awesome on stage, and we love printing stage backdrops for bands.

Here’s what Emily Ehler has to say about her new stage backdrop that she ordered for the band Nancy Silva Project:

“NSP had a great show recently in San Antonio, TX!” Ehler beams.  “I wanted to share a couple pics and tell you thank you SO much for the awesome banner, timeliness and exceptional service!”

“I enjoyed working with you all,” she continues.  “Other bands on the bill asked about the banner and we definitely recommended North Coast!  Hope they get in touch with you.  Thank you again for everything.”

If you’d like to learn more about how your band can look great on stage with a stage  backdrop, please contact us.

Stage Backdrop 1

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How To Buy Band Backdrops For Your Band

Band backdrops should be a must for any band, no matter the size of your gigs. A band backdrop that is designed right can help rocket your band to stardom and make a huge impact with your audience. So, how can you buy a band backdrop that will help propel your band’s image?

Here’s some guidelines for buying the best band backdrop for your band.

1. Pick the right backdrop material. In our experience printing hundreds of stage backdrops, we have found that the most popular material for bands is 70/30 vinyl mesh, a high quality vinyl that allows for sound to pass through and prints artwork beautifully. To learn more about vinyl mesh, click here.

2. Budget the right way. Your band may not need a stage backdrop – a pair of 6’x6′ band scrims may be perfect for you size shows and may make a bigger impact with your setup. On the flip side, a band backdrop may be just the right thing for your gigs, when smaller stage scrims don’t look big enough on stage. Either way, these decisions will impact the cost of your band banners, so it’s important to consider your options. Northcoast Banners is experienced in these areas and we’re happy to help  – click here to email Mendy with any questions  or call 734-680-7902 (direct).


3. Stage  presence is everything. The same applies to your band backdrops. For every move you do on stage, remember that your audience will see all your moves in front of a larger band backdrop that can literally make things look very different on stage. The stage backdrop sets the tone and creates a scene even before you make a move. So bear all this in mind and consider your artwork, the color contrasts and size of your band backdrop when you buy.

To buy a band backdrop or to learn more about which band backdrop works best for your band, contact us today and we’d love to help.

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Stage Scrims For Bands

Stage scrims are a critical part of your band stage presence. Stage scrims (or amp scrims) are an easy way to draw attention to your band’s logo and your identity. It is our firm belief that a solid set of stage scrims can dramatically increase the impact you have at all your gigs.

There’s a lot of attention placed on rehearsing band songs, choreography and fine tuning your music playing abilities, but at the same time, you cannot neglect your stage setup. One easy way to quickly set a stage with a powerful setup is with a pair of stage scrims.

Here are some tips on how to buy the right band scrims for your band:

1. Pick the right size stage scrims.  Generally, we recommend 6’x6′ stage scrims since they provide the perfect balance of size and ease of setup/teardown time. 6’x6′ amp scrims are tall enough to stand in clear view even with your players moving around in front of them, and there’s plenty of space on a 6 foot tall by 6 foot wide banner for you to clearly place your band logo and other artwork. This size stage scrim takes about 30 seconds to setup once you build your stand for your stage scrim with this great video that we created.

stage scrims northcoast banners

2. Think about setup. Stage scrims that are not set up appropriately on stage won’t make a big splash on stage. Having worked with hundreds of bands, we have learned that the most common and often the most effective setup is to play the stage scrims on either side of your drummer. Now, the stage scrims can act as perfect amp scrims when they cover the amps, and there’s plenty of room to move around in front the scrims.

Depending on your setup, you may need larger stage scrims.

3. Make them pop. Stage scrims will greatly enhance your band’s shows if the colors contrast sharply with each other and pop in your fan’s eyeballs. Check out this great article to learn more about making sure your artwork looks great. We’re happy to help you get the right stage scrims for your band –  contact us today for more info.

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What Size Is Best For Stage Backdrops And Band Scrims?

Stage backdrops are a surefire way to brand your band and make a impact on stage. But what size band backdrop is ideal for your shows?

How big are the venues where your band plays?

1. Firstly, it’s critical that you think of the venues where you will be playing most often. Are they smaller nightclubs and bars, or large venues and outdoor spaces? If your band just starting out with smaller venues, you should consider smaller band scrims for your shows. These stage banners are perfect for smaller spaces, and even if you get a few big gigs, they can easily make in impact on stages at wide open festivals as well. 6’x6′ stage scrims (or amp scrims) are very popular with many bands, large and small. 8’x10′ stage backdrops are also a great size to use in a small venue as a backdrop.

6x6 stage scrims

However, if your band plays at packed outdoor venues or large clubs and bars, you should consider our popular sizes for larger venues, such as a 15’x20′, 20’x25’, or larger. We can print any size band backdrop or festival banner – just ask us for the custom size you need.

20x25 stage backdrop

What stage set up do you prefer for your band banners?

2. Consider your stage setup. Some bands prefer smaller stage scrims that can be placed on either side of the drummer or in front of the speakers as amp scrims. Bands that often play outdoors and at big shows should consider large stage backdrops that set the stage with a 15’x20′ or 20’x25′ size backdrop with a stunning logo of your band. With big stage backdrop, you can instantly convert the stage space into an awesome representation of your band.

Band Banners

Do you tour often?

3. It’s also important to think about how often your band travels, whether you like carrying a lot of gear, and about setup and teardown time. If you prefer super easy setup and teardown for your stage banners, you our 6’x6’s can be setup in less than one minute using our quick and cost-effective stage stand video. These stage scrims are large enough to make an impact, and small enough to set up easily and smoothly.

View our complete gallery for band banner packages.


If your band uses a large stage backdrop, you can easily hook it up on stage with the grommets that we include free of charge on our banners (you can also opt out of grommets). This process may take longer at new venues and different kinds of stages, so make sure your band has done it’s homework before your show.

We’re happy to help you with your choice of sizes for your stage backdrops and assist you and your band with a killer setup on stage. You may email Chevi at chevi@northcoastbanners.com or call or text Chevi at 323-395-9180

Get a Quote

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Vinyl Mesh: A Great Material For Stage Backdrops And Band Scrims

Buying stage scrims and stage backdrops is in an important step for your band to make a deeper impact on stage. When you buy a new stage backdrop, it is essential to consider how you will be using the banners, whether indoors or outdoors, and what look your band is aiming for at your shows.

1. Rugged Materials: Vinyl mesh is a very rugged material, and you don’t want to have to worry about the occasional (or frequent) beer spill on your stage scrims by an excited fan. Dirt, drinks and even food can be brushed right off a vinyl mesh stage backdrop, or wiped off with a damp piece of towel paper.

2. Stage Backdrops In The Sun: In the sunlight, vinyl mesh holds up very well. You can play with your band scrims at shows and festivals outdoors without worry of the sun ruining the mesh material.

3. Acoustic Transparency: Since vinyl mesh is 70 percent material and 30 percent holes, these stage backdrops will allow for the sound to pass through. This means that you can place your stage scrims just about anywhere on stage, even smack in front of your players because these banners allow for sound to pass through.


4. Bright Colors: While vinyl mesh is far and away our most popular material with bands, we can also print on beautiful dye sublimated poly poplin, which is a fine fabric upon which colors look especially bright.

5. Merch Banners: For your merchandise table where you sell your bands’ T-Shirts and bracelets and other promotional items, we can print on crisp 13 ounce solid vinyl. Colors on this material look solid and bright.

6. Cost Effective Materials: Vinyl mesh is about half the price of poly poplin, and it looks fantastic on stage. It is our most popular material for bands overall. To learn more about materials for stage banners and to order your stage backdrop, contact us today.

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How To Check Your Artwork Design In Adobe Photoshop So Your Stage Backdrop Looks Great

The artwork on your stage backdrops and scrims must be high quality. Pixelation in your art can blur your images and reduce your impact at your event. Remember that your show is just as much about presentation as it is music. Your audience wants to ‘see’ a good show in addition to ‘hearing’ great music, and if your artwork doesn’t look stunning your show will suffer.

From the merchandise like T-Shirts, hoodies and bracelets to your album artwork, your artwork design can do a lot for your band. With good artwork, you can:

  • Distinguish your band from the thousands of music groups out there
  • Give your fans an identity for your band that they can pick out anywhere
  • Brand your bands with a specific logo or image that will carry your name further than your shows

Your stage backdrop design isn’t just a blow-up album art cover – you need to make sure the quality of the image is clear when it’s in full size to print. 70/30 vinyl mesh – our most popular material for bands – prints beautifully and can be forgiving with minor pixelation. Here are instructions for how you check your design in Adobe Photoshop to make sure dpi is high enough and the art quality looks great.

1. Open your art in Photoshop and select Image –> Image Size.

Image Size Stage Backdrop.31 PM copy

2. Make sure your art is in full size. In this instance, the stage backdrop is a 10’x12′ – 10 feet WIDE x 8 feet HIGH. In inches, that translates into 96″x120″ – 120 inches WIDE x 96 inches HIGH. If your art is not in full size, re-size it appropriately. Then, check that the “Resolution” (or dpi) is at least 150.

Image Size - full size - stage backdrops

3. Select View –> Print Size. Now, you are viewing the art as it will look in real life size on your stage backdrop.

View Print Size Stage Backdrop

4. Scroll around the artwork of your stage backdrop to check for pixelation. Pixelation will show up especially around sharp edges where two colors contrast sharply, like the black on white in this image.

Full Size Stage Backdrop Print Size

5. If there is no pixelation and your artwork is looks crisp without any blurry spots, you’re ready to finalize your art and send it over to Northcoast Banners for printing. Select File –> Save As.Save As JPEG - Stage Backdrop

6. Save the file as a JPEG.JPEG Save AS - Stage Backdrop

7. Select Maximum quality and press OK. You’re done! To order a beautiful stage backdrop or for help with your artwork, give us a call or email us today.

Maximum JPEG - Stage Scrim

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How To Design Stage Backdrops That Look Great On Stage

Every great stage backdrop does one thing REALLY well: The design pops in your audience’s eyes.

When you start working with a graphic designer on your artwork for your stage banner, remember this essential rule: Your design must POP! As a band, you will use your stage backdrop in a wide range of venues, where the lighting will vary from place to place.

In a dark bar, design that pops stands out even with little lighting and moving people. In a venue with good stage lighting, bright designs on a stage banner will look ten times as good as they did on your graphic designer’s computer screen. Here’s how to make sure your band banner design pops:

1. Use bright colors that contrast sharply with each other.

2. At all costs, avoid using soft, pastel colors that blend with each other.

For more information about how to design your stage banners or to order a beautiful backdrop for your band,
email Mendy at mendy@northcoastbanners.com
or call me at 734-680-7902.

bright colors pop on stage backdrops (2)Print

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Size Considerations For Band Backdrops And Band Scrims

You’re a band and you have decided it’s time to up your game with a new band backdrop. What size band scrims will work best for your gigs?

Here’s some commonly used sizes that, based on our experiences printing stage backdrops for hundreds of bands across the US might be the perfect fit for your band. It’s important that your band looks amazing on stage, because your audience wants to see and hear and a great show. These are only ideas – we can print any size you need.

For Blog15x12 and 3x78x156x6 number twosyka-2-1024x6836x4s and one 3x510x10IMAG0091 - Copy ai

Get a Quote

We include handy grommets on our banners, and 2.5″ pole pockets on the top and bottom. With these options, you’ll set up your new banners in no time, wherever you’re touring.

In addition, we created a how-to video to build a stand for your stage banners for about $15 in PVC pipes. Check it out by clicking here.

Pole Pocket - 3515

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Altered Paradigm’s New Stage Banners

Check out this awesome shot of Altered Paradigm‘s new scrims! Do you need stage scrims? Get your scrim mojo from Northcoast Banners today!

Stage banners or band scrims are more just a banner — your stage banners are your identity. When crowds at your gigs swell and many people just wander around near the back, your only chance of making a difference in their minds about your band is by splashing your identity all over the stage in your quality band scrims.

Stay up to date with all the latest about our high quality scrims for bands by liking our page on Facebook!

Altered Paradigm

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Nikao Rocks New Stage Banners

Can you spot a Northcoast Banners band scrim in this photo from the band Nikao?

“They look great on stage,” enthuses Jaren Link Sauer, a guitarist at Nikao.

We agree.

Contact us today to get a price quote!


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Northcoast Banners Will Feature Bands On Our Website

This Just In:

Northcoast Banners will feature your band on our website and Facebook and Twitter page, so you can get more visibility and virality for your band!

Just send photos, videos, and anything else we could post to mendy@northcoastbanners.com, and make sure the scrims you received from Northcoast Banners are in clear view in the photos and videos.

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Loving The Lie Is Hitting The Road With New Band Scrims

Sporting brand new scrims from Northcoast Banners, Loving The Lie is hitting the road now for a whirlwind tour!

Here’s a hit song from their band at the Charm City Music Festival in Baltimore, MD. They’re on tour now, check them out on Facebook for info about upcoming tour dates!!

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BIR Gets New Stage Banners!!

Note the sparkle of these in these new scrims for Born In Regression, the smart artwork is clearly viewable from across even a large room.

At Northcoast Banners, we’ll make sure your artwork looks tip-top in your scrims!

Born In Regression

Born In Regression

Born In Regression

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Photo: Ice Nine Kills Gets A New Band Scrim

Ice Nine Kills just got new scrims, check out this cool shot:

ice nine kills

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